St. Moses the Strong Holographic Sticker

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St. Moses the Strong is one of our beloved saints in Saint Suite I.

St. Moses the Strong, best known for his strong repentance, had once lived a life as a robber, liar, and some say, a murderer. St. Moses was eventually led to a monastery where he learned of the wonders of our sweet Lord from St. Isidore. St Moses repeatedly confessed his sins with tearful repentance. He was also known for the story of refusing to judge his fellow brother a monk, by carrying over his shoulder a bag of sand with a small hole in it. When asked what the holy monk was doing, St. Moses responded "The sand you see running from the bag represents my sins which are always following me, and yet, today I am coming to judge the errors of my brother." His response quickly ended the judgment set before his brother. Known for his humility and love for strangers, St. Moses the Strong was ordained a priest and towards the end of his life had seventy disciples under his care. There was once a raid of the monastery and instead of fleeing in fear, St. Moses the Strong was martyred alongside six other disciples. A monk, who was hiding during the raid, witnessed seven crowns coming down from heaven and crowning the martyrs.

His feast day is celebrated on July 1st in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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