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  • 2022 Kenya Quiet Time Calendar Mobile Sync - sync to your mobile calendar!

Get your Quiet Time verse each day!


By downloading the 2022 Kenya Quiet Time Calendar Mobile Sync, you are agreeing to creating 365 calendar entries in your calendar - in order to reverse this you will need to delete each entry ONE BY ONE.

Please make sure you are choosing the time you want to receive alerts for.

The alerts will be according to what you have set in your calendar settings. 


To download from your mobile device, please open the link with the alert time you prefer and select "Add All" at the top right.

Please wait 10 SECONDS after clicking "Add All" in order to ensure all entries downloaded. If you exited too quickly, simply repeat the actions to add the remaining/missing entries.

Click for 3 am alert: 3 AM EST - this is formatted for our UK friends interested in syncing the calendar for a 8 am reminder.

Click for 7 am alert: 7 AM EST

Click for 8 am alert: 8 AM EST

Click for 9 am alert: 9 AM EST

Click for 10 am alert: 10 AM EST



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