St. Philomena Holographic Sticker

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St. Philomena is one of our beloved saints in Saint Suite I.

St. Philomena was the daughter of a prince in a small state in Greece. At birth, she was given the name "Lumena" and at baptism, she was given the name "Filumena" meaning "Daughter of Light" for her new faith. St. Philomena joined her parents on a journey to Rome, as her father planned a meeting with Emperor Diocletian. The emperor saw the 13-year old Philomena and wanted to marry her. The young St. Philomena had already committed her life to God and responded, "My virginity, which I have vowed to God, comes before everything, before you, before my country. My kingdom is heaven." She was cast into prison for thirty-seven days when St. Mary, the Holy Theotokos, appeared to the young Philomena giving her strength to continue and giving her confidence that our Most Holy Mother would aid her through grace. St. Philomena was tortured many times, especially known for the emperor's soldiers shooting arrows at her, but she was healed. The following day, the emperor ordered the arrows to be lit with fire and shot at the young saint. By a miracle of the Lord, the fiery arrows were shot towards St. Philomena and turned in the opposite direction hitting and killing each of the six soldiers who fired the arrows. Afterward, the emperor ordered St. Philomena's beheading where she joined our Heavenly Father and received the Crown of Martyrdom. 

St. Philomena is venerated in the Coptic Orthodox Church because of her accepted intercessions before God. St. Philomena is not yet canonized by the Coptic Orthodox Church, but she is recognized widespread and her holy relics are at St. George Convent in Egypt next to St. George's chains.

The commemoration of her martyrdom is August 11th.

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