St. Mary of Egypt Holographic Sticker

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St. Mary of Egypt is one of our beloved saints in Saint Suite I.

After renouncing her worldly desires and giving up a life of prostitution at the door of the church, St. Mary of Egypt asked the Most Holy Theotokos, St. Mary the Mother of God, to lead her to a life of holiness. St. Mary of Egypt went to a monastery on the Jordan River where she confessed, communed the Holy Mysteries, and made her way into the wilderness across the Jordan, where she lived as an ascetic for forty-eight years. On the forty-seventh year in the desert, Abba Zosimas, a monk led by God to a monastery to learn, went into the desert during Holy Week and encountered St. Mary of Egypt. Surprised that she knew his name, Abba Zosimas was humbled by this ascetic woman who recounted her life to the holy monk. She requested he return back the following year to administer the Holy Eucharist and he did as he was instructed. Again, St. Mary of Egypt requested that Abba Zosimas return again the following year. When Abba Zosimas returned the following year he found the body of St. Mary of Egypt protected by a lion with writing in the sand next to her body, "Bury Mary, the poor woman, in the dust of which she was created."

Her feast day is celebrated on April 16th in the Coptic Orthodox Church.


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